Who we are

The SEEG is promoted by the Climate Observatory (OC), a network of more than 40 non-governmental organizations with a socio-environmental profile to discuss the issue of climate change in the Brazilian context. The OC promotes meetings with experts in the area, in addition to articulating the social actors so that the Brazilian government makes commitments and creates effective public policies in favor of mitigation and adaptation of Brazil in relation to climate change.

Five institutions selected by the OC coordinated the technical work:

Avina and Fundação Getúlio Vargas Foundation provide organizational support.

This initiative has received or receives funding from the following organizations:

– OAK Foundation

– Fundación Avina

– Latin American Regional Climate Initiative (LARCI)

– Institute Climate and Society (ICs)

– Climate and Land Use Alliance

– Skoll Foundation

– Porticus Foundation

The overall coordination of SEEG is headed by Tasso Azevedo, who designed the initial methodology used as the basis to establish the system.