Who we are

SEEG is implemented by the Climate Observatory (OC), a network of 30 socio-environmental organizations.

Four institutions selected by the CB coordinated the technical process of generation of the estimates:

– Imazon (land use change) http://www.imazon.org.br/

– Imaflora (agriculture) – www.imaflora.org

– IEMA (energy and industrial processes) – http://www.energiaeambiente.org.br/

– Iclei – Governos Locais pela Sustentabilidade (waste) –www.iclei.org/sams

Avina and Fundação Getúlio Vargas Foundation provide organizational support.

This initiative has received or receives funding from the following organizations:

– OAK Foundation

– Fundación Avina

– Latin American Regional Climate Initiative (LARCI)

– Institute Climate and Society (ICs)

– Climate and Land Use Alliance

– Skoll Foundation

– Porticus Foundation

The overall coordination of SEEG is headed by Tasso Azevedo who design the initial methodology used as the basis to stablish the system.